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Bonners Church of England Primary School & Nursery

Collective Worship



Welcome back to another exciting year at Bonners Primary School. It’s a ‘New Beginning’ for us all, with new classes and new teachers. We start the year with the theme, New Beginnings and having a Growth Mindset 


 Below is the clip from the film inside out about a girl starting her new school. How do you feel at the beginning of a school year? What emotions do you feel? Everyone has these different emotions and we will all feel and think different thoughts at the start of the new school year. We’ll think about how we can keep ‘Joy’ as our foremost emotion.


Watch the video below. Notice the instructions that the boys see. Do they learn from the what they see? How much effort do they put into their work? Why do things go wrong? Would you have done things differently?


today is a great day

We’ll think about how every lesson is really a ‘new beginning,’ a new chance to learn and an opportunity to grow our brains. Watching this video will remind us how we are changing all the time and that it is up to us all to make positive changes and to help and support each other, making everyday a truly great day.

Here is a poem about New Beginnings at the start of a school year.


Welcome to your new school!
Welcome to your future.
New beginnings here, and new rules.
New classrooms, new computers.
New timetables, new faces here.
New corridors, new signs.
But some things change, some stay the same
And some truths last all time.
You’ll take out what you put in.
You’ll reap just what you sew.
So face the tests and do your best,
Work hard, play hard and grow.
And play a full and active part
In school and its community.
Be pleased to say “I seized the day.”
“I used this opportunity.”
Remember that you’re different.
There’s no-one quite like you.
But make good friends, the one’s who’ll lend
A hand to get you through.
Remember – keep your head up.
Even if you fear you’ll drown.
Achieving is believing mixed
With never looking down.
And think about your future;
And find a hope, a dream.
Put action in your action plan
And build yourself a team.
Made of parents, made of teachers,
Made of family and friends.
From this position make a mission
For a trip that never ends.
And so always keep on learning;
There’s always more to know.
It may sound strange, but you can always change.
It’s never too late to grow.
And so don’t let anybody
Try and sneer and hold you back.
Your history is not your future!
So don’t ever feel like that.
Because our town has a history
Of producing boys and girls
Who, from humble roots, pull up their boots
And go on to change the world!
And so people just like you and me
Can do very special things!
Aim higher! Be high-flyers!
And be bold, unfold your wings!
And so gain an education;
Learn skills, gain facts and knowledge.
And then take the inspiration
Through to jobs, careers and college.
And so make the most of these days,
The school and these facilities.
Take off the brakes, be sure to make
The best of your abilities.
Respect yourself and others.
Have confidence - it’s essential.
If you keep a burning urge to learn
You’ll reach your full potential.
And so do things that you’re proud of!
And let everybody see:
You’ve passed the test, you’ve done your best
To be the best that you can be!
Good luck! ©