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Bonners Church of England Primary School & Nursery


                                                      Bonners School Circa 1905

Local residents have kindly donated photos of our School through the years:

This photo was found by a relfative o Reginald Augustus Turner; a pupil at Bonners School in the early 1900's.  This photo shows the school's football team and was taken in 1913.  (Reginald is third from the right at the back).


This photo was kindly donated by Ron Elsdon. His uncle, Edward Beale, (second row, far right) came to Bonners school.  It was taken circa 1919.  When leaving school, Edward joined the Royal Navy and served on battleships such as HMS Benbow, Ramillies and finally HMS Exmoor during World War II.




This photo was sent to us by Sandra Young who has been investigating her family tree.  Her Aunt, Ruth Garrett is seated far left in the middle row.  In the picture, dated c1924, are the school's Stoolball team with Mr Cosham (Headmaster) and his wife.


This photo was taken at Bonners around

1959 - 1960 and was kindly donated by Mrs Eglese. 


Ken Suttle, who was known as "the spirit of Sussex on the cricket field" for nearly two decades and, between 1954 and 1969, set a record that will almost certainly never even be remotely threatened: 423 consecutive County Championship appearances, visited Bonners School in 1960 to coach pupils during the Summer season.  Photo donated by C Isitt.



This photograph was taken in 1974 during the Centenary Celebrations held at Bonners. Photo donated by C Isitt.


Sketch of St. Bartholomew’s, our Parish church which the school has been associated for many years.  The school crest has been a presentation of the Tower of our Parish church.



The school was extended and modernised in the early 1960’s and officially opened on 19th November 1962.  A new assembly-dining hall, with an adjoining modern kitchen, new classroom and cloakrooms were added to the cost of £27,700 – a lot of money in those days! 


Bonners is now a thriving school in the edge of the Ashdown Forest (member of the Ashdown Forest Conservation Society).  We are proud of our rural school grounds, together with a small copse at the end of the playing fields.


Our school is part of the Village Schools Association where other small schools within the area, join together and participating in events, i.e. Canoeing/Cycling, Maths Trails, Poetry Days.  It also gives the pupils a chance to meet other children, who may be attending the local Secondary School in the future.


The School has been improved over recent years with an amphitheatre being built, for recreational and educational use and an Early Years play area, which includes a covered Learning area, shaded/seating area,

play area and vegetable patch.

In June 2009, our old school entrance was boarded up, and new foundations were dug for our new School Reception/Office area. The new build was completed in September 2009, with a new bright reception area and larger office area for staff.

Work began on building the new pre-school building in Autumn 2010.  The pupils loved watching the large crane, building works being carried out and the building beginning to grow. The pre-school opened their doors March 2011 and has been well received by parents, children and staff.  With their own outdoor covered play area, quiet room and other new amenities.