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Bonners Church of England Primary School & Nursery

Parent Panel

At Bonners CE Primary School & Nursery we are lucky to have wonderful, supportive parents who want to contribute to the smooth running of the school & Nursery. In order to develop these links further, share ideas and drive forwards our continuing development and success, we invite parents to be part of a Bonners parent panel

The panel meet throughout the year to discuss a wide range of items about school life that affect the parent community as a whole.  We try to encourage a representative for each year group or class across the school starting from Otter Class -Nursery.  

If you are interested in representing your child’s class and being part of this working group, please send an email to


The aims of parent panel: 

  • To update parents about school changes and projects 
  • To provide a consultation group for the school to present new ideas and changes. 
  • To create a link between Bonners parents’ views discussed in the playground / outside school and school leaders. 
  • To provide a regular opportunity for parents to meet with senior leaders and share any strengths, comments, queries or concerns.