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Bonners Church of England Primary School & Nursery

School Uniform

 Our new school uniform supplier is PMG Schoolwear

All details can be found on their website under the following link : PMG Schoolwear.  Items can also be bought from any national retailer.  Tesco/Asda do inexpensive school uniform all year round.

If you have any queries/problems, please see the school office.

                   White Shirt

                   Grey/Blue trousers/shorts/Blue Skirts

                   White/Grey socks

                   White/Navy tights

                   Navy knitted jumper with school logo *  or knitted navy jumper

                   School Tie **

                   Black shoes


No trainers, nail varnish or jewelry to be worn, except for one stud earring in each ear (these will need to be removed or taped over for P.E.) 


Additional items but not necessary


School book bags * 

School PE bags *

Navy Fleece with school logo * or navy fleece

*   These items are available from PMG Schoolwear - see link above.  

** These items are available from the school office.  Items that are not marked with asterisks are available widely in shops


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