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Bonners Church of England Primary School & Nursery

Phonics and Early Reading

Inspire & Aspire

Inspired by God, we aspire to be the best we can be, so that we can live life in all its fullness.

" I have come that they may have life to the full." ( John 10:10)



At Bonners we use the scheme Rhino Readers, an approved validated phonics teaching programme through the provider Twinkl.  

The Twinkl Phonics Approach is a rigorous and proven multi-sensory approach. The children can join in with the adventures of Kit, Sam and the Twinkl Phonics family, while they receive the vital building blocks they need to read and write. Our multi-sensory approach includes: engaging activities focused on developing and applying reading and writing skills. mnemonics, actions, handwriting formation rhymes and songs to reinforce sound and letter recognition, as well as active repetition to ensure rapid recall of grapheme-phoneme correspondence (GPCs) and common exceptions words.

New reading books are also being introduced to support the structure of this teaching scheme - 'Rhino Readers'. These are an an exciting, original collection of engaging fully-decodable books, exactly aligned with Twinkl Phonics, covering all levels. Children will only encounter the sounds and tricky words they’ve already learnt at their stage of the scheme. The books include a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, quizzes and fabulous illustrations. The books reflect the world in which we live, promote diversity, and keep 21st century readers turning pages.

Children and parents have access to our eBook library via the free Rhino Readers app, and in hard copy as they are published. 



phonics whole school curriculum intent updated 2023 2024.pdf



phonics whole school map 2023 2024.pdf

PARENTAL INFORMATION- An Introduction to Twinkl Phonics at Bonners CE Primary School & Nursery

edited introduction to phonics powerpoint for parents and carers.pdf

 RHINO READERS- A Guide for Parents

rhino readers a guide for parents 1 ver 2.pdf